PaperCrafters United Against Racism – Instagram Hop!

Join us on Sunday October 24th at 3pm EST to show support for the PaperCrafters United Against Racism Instagram Hop!

Some amazing paper crafters organize and co-ordinate this hop every few months to continue raising awareness for Anti-Racism. We want to continue speaking up and speaking out against injustice of all forms.

We are all a part of the same humanity and need to continue working towards a more unified world. Please join us on this hop to show your support for the cause and check out and support some AMAZING Papercrafters along the way!

The goal of this hop is to continue to raise awareness about anti-racism; to stand with the BIPOC, AAPI, Indigenous and Palestine communities, and to keep encouraging everyone to start the necessary conversations.  We are all one humanity and should find a way to #showup for equity and equality, in a way that makes sense for YOU.  Silence, Inaction, and Passivity are detrimental to justice.  Injustice anywhere is Injustice EVERYWHERE!

Check out my Instagram page @rosedawsondesigns_cards starting Sunday October 25th at 3pm EST and hop along with us!

If you’d like to participate (or find a way to show your support for the cause) for the next hop, please reach out to here to sign up!


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